Who we are
We are a team of healthy food enthusiasts with backgrounds in food science and communication. We believe in a better world in which sustainability is the standard and consumers are offered a wide range of healthy alternatives for the unsustainable and/or not nutritious beverages that currently dominate the market. To realise this dream, we started Brannatura.

Our journey
As one of our founders is lactose intolerant, like two-third of the world population but unlike 95% of the people in Denmark, she would naturally choose plant-based alternatives for milk. However, she found nothing that approximated the nutritional content of milk and that tasted good at the same time. The two other founders, both with backgrounds in food science, decided to use their knowledge to develop just that: an alternative to milk that is high in nutrition and tastes good, thereby considering environmental impact and preference for natural ingredients only. The necessary technology development resulted in both a range of cereal-based beverages of which a spin-off is marketed under the Field & Forest brand, and a strong knowledge base and IP (intellectual property) that allow for developing more nutritious products on similar basic technology.

In the meantime, we found that the realization of our dream would benefit more from offering our knowledge to partners having similar ambitions than keeping the knowledge to ourselves and bringing only our own branded products to market. Hence, we started a second leg in our business focusing on providing (semi-)finished products, knowledge and product development to business customers.

We are not alone
We have been granted several private and public funds and incubation programs supporting the bringing of sustainable nutrition to the world. Moreover, we have become member of several clusters and movements to further connect with other players in the field and to facilitate turning our dreams into reality.

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  Contact Information
Phone: +45 20 63 33 60
Email: info(at)brannatura(dot)com
Post address: Nygaardsvej 100, DK-8660 Skanderborg
Office: Lysholt Allé 3, DK-7100 Vejle
CVR/VAT: DK - 38 63 55 73
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