Our vision and mission
Our vision is creating inspiring future food innovations from pure mother nature, and our mission is to offer consumers, around the globe, healthy and tasty products, in a natural and sustainable manner.

Herewith, we also support some of the sustainable development goals as set by the United Nations in 2015.

The mission explained
With the human population rising and poverty decreasing around the planet, there is an ever increasing pressure on food supply, which, as per today, already is beyond the limits of what the planet sustainably could provide. The result is deforestation, empty oceans, greenhouse gas emissions and detoriation of otherwise good farmable land. At the same time, we see large groups of consumers choosing simple and tasty meals without considering that these are not always the healthiest, nutritionally sound and sustainable options.

To release pressure on food supply on one hand and to provide healthy and sustainable options while also keeping convenience and taste in mind, we started Brannatura. With our deep knowledge of food production, product development and combining the right ingredients for maximizing nutrition and minimizing environmental impact, we hope to do our part in realizing the UN sustainable development goals. With our own Field & Forest branded products or by providing ingredients and knowledge to other food companies.

Minimal impact and maximal honesty
Setting the environmental impact goals for our Field & Forest branded products at zero-waste and carbon-neutral was a bold decision that meant that we have to find purpose for any by-products and that we compensate for any greenhouse gas emission. But from doing exactly the circular business model exercise for our first products, beverages based on cereals and fruits, we learned a lot about by-product valorization and this knowledge we want to share.

It is evident that animal-based foods by nature are less sustainable than plant-based ones, but that does not mean that we should avoid animal-based foods completely. Also in a sustainable world there is room for these products and therefore we can work with increasing efficiency of their production chain, for example by finding applications for by-products as well.

Honesty and equality are important values to us and therefore we have a mixed team in terms of genders and backgrounds, but all having the above mentioned vision and mission in mind. Leading the positive change by example, we call that.

Sustainable development goals
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