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September 6, 2021. Brannatura is mentioned at the business media platform Erhversliv Trekanten. What shall we eat? Something new, sounds from Vejle. In this article, Erhvervsliv Trekanten explains about the role that the Food Innovation House plays as plantbased innovation hub, and connecting startups with great ideas together with larger companies that have the power to make it happen. Something of which Brannatura also benefits greatly from, as mentioned in the article.

> Article at Erhversliv Trekanten

Erhversliv Trekanten  

July 1, 2021. Case on Brannatura taken up in Erhverv+. The case that Erhvershus Midtjylland prepared earlier (2021-05-03) is taken up in the Erhverv+ Østjylland magazine. A good way to spead the word! Read the full case at Erhverv+'s website by following the link below.

> Article in Erhverv+

Erhvervplus Oestjylland  
May 3, 2021. A case on Brannatura by Erhvershus Midtjylland. The Erhvershus has been elementary for where we stand today by providing sparring, information at workshops and financing for exercises with external consultants. Most recently, we took part in a series of courses on digital strategy and company finance related to dealing with (post-)Covid-19 times. As the crisis meant that we could not get our first products in the market in 2020 as originally planned, it is exactly this kind of activities that help the company (re)focus, survive and perform. Read the full case by following the link below.

> Case by Erhvervshus Midtjylland

Erhvershus Midtjylland  
May 2, 2021. Brannatura mentioned in Vejle Amts Folkeblad. Vejle Amts Folkeblad wrote about the start of the PlantBased Innovation Hub that has home home at the Food Innovation House in Vejle, featuring WE DO PLANTS and Brannatura. Read the full article by following the link below.

> Full article in Vejle Amts Folkeblad

Vejle Amts Folkeblad  
December 7, 2020. A case on Brannatura's at Kanved Patent consulting. Being a science-based company, IP protection always has to be in our minds. We work together with patent attorney Nicolai kanved, who prepared a case on Brannatura for his website. Read about Brannatura's considerations for our patenting strategy and find more cases on Nicolai's website by following the link below.

> Brannatura's case at Kanved

Kanved Patent Consulting  
October 8, 2020. Brannatura's sustainable journey discussed at Fundingbox. FundingBox communicated on the circularity journey that Brannatura is on, for which the roadmap was prepared with help from C-Voucher. The process preparing a business case containing this roadmap really facilitates making the right decisions for being a company providing products that are truly good for people AND good for the planet rather than just providing vague claims around plant-based being more sustainable than animal-based. Read the full story on the journey by following the link below.

> Fundingbox article

September 10, 2020. Brannatura's sustainable journey discussed at Mikropol Vejle. As part of the sustanable journey of Brannatura, together with support from Vejle municipality, international circular business experts and financial support by the EU in the form of a C-Voucher grant, we worked on a business case on making the production process of the first Field & Forest products circular. This means that by executing the business case in practice, the beverages based on cereals and fruits will have zero waste, and there is potential to make them waste negative and carbon neutral as well. Read more about C-Voucher and about the process around the circular business case on Mikropol by following the links below.

> C-Voucher

> Mikropol

Mikropol Vejle  



August 5, 2021. Brannatura's publised a short article on raising the quality and digestibility of proteins in plant-based food products. One could say that a primarily plant-based diet is healthier than a primarily animal-based diet. There are, however, some nutrients that easier acquired through an animal-based diet. These include calcium, vitamin B12 and protein. Although most people get more than enough protein, there is a catch with a primarily plant-based diet: plant proteins generally do not have the same level of quality and digestibility as animal proteins. Access the full article by following the link below.

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June 1, 2021. Brannatura's publised a short article on Improving nutritional content and circular solutions provide additional climate benefits to plant-based alternatives for dairy products. The choice to pick plant-based alternatives instead of dairy products is made for many different reasons. Most commonly the considerations are related to animal well-being, health (including nutrition), and sustainability, but also interest in following trends or simply having a different sensory experience may play a role. Access the full article by following the link below.

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Circular solutions  
April 3, 2020. Brannatura's published in Foods together with Copenhagen University. Abstract: Plant-based drinks (PBDs) as alternatives to milk is a fast-growing market in much of the western world, with the demand increasing every year. However, most PBDs from a single plant ingredient do not have an amino acid profile that matches human needs. Therefore, this study set out to combine plant ingredients to achieve a more balanced amino acid profile of novel plant drinks, by combining a high content of oat with the pulses pea (Pisum sativum) and lentil (Lens culinaris) in a solution. After removal of the sediment, the resulting plant drinks were composed of what could be kept in suspension. The amino acid and protein composition of the plant drinks were investigated with capillary electrophoresis, to identify the amino acids, and SDS-PAGE to assess the proteins present. The amino acid profile was compared against recommended daily intake (RDI). It was determined that the plant drinks with only oat and lentil did not have a strong amino acid profile, likely due to the higher pH of the lentil concentrate affecting which proteins could be kept in solution. Plant drinks with a combination of both lentil and pea, or only pea, added to the oat drink had an improved concentration of the amino acids that were otherwise in the low end compared to RDI. This includes a high content of phenylalanine, leucine and threonine, as well as a moderate amount of isoleucine, valine and methionine, and a contribution of histidine and lysine. An assessment of stability and sensory parameters was also conducted, concluding there was an advantage of combining oat with a legume, especially pea. Access the full article by following the link below.

> Full article in Foods

Brannatura publication in Foods  


meet Brannatura - festivals * trade fairs * presentations


November 23-24, 2021. Brannatura present at Free From food expo in Amsterdam (NL). We will be available for potential customers and other partners and present our B2B products, concepts and services.

Free From food expo Amsterdam  

September 1, 2021. Meeting with lectures organized by Plantebranchen (DK). Brannatura participates and provides taste sampes and information to interested people working in the field of plant-based food products. The event takes plave at the Food Innovation House, Lysholt Allé 3 in Vejle.



August 23-25, 2021. Brannatura participates in the online lactic acid bacteria conference LAB13.

LAB13 symposium  
2020-2022. Brannatura present at the World Expo in Dubai. Ealier online, but physically from the 1st of October 2021 until the 31st of march 2022, Brannatura will be represented at the Danish pavillion at the World Expo in Dubai, where (potential) international customers can get introduced to our B2B products and services that are completely in line with the sustainable and innovative image that Denmark wants to express. More information on the world expo is available at the link below.

World expo in Dubai  
December 2, 2020. Brannatura participates in online Alternative Dairy Conference.
Alternative dairy conference  
August 3, 2020. Smagsøen ("taste island") in the Food Innovation House (DK). The whole month of August, 2020, we will occupy the "taste island" near the entrance of the Food Innovation House, Lysholt Allé 3 in Vejle. This will start with a presentation about Brannatura / Field & Forest on Monday the 3rd at 12:30. Taste samples will be available here and the rest of the month. More information about the Food Innovation House is available at the link below.

Brannatura at Smagsøen  


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