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Brannatura is an innovative food concept and ingredient company that transfers the goodness of nature into delicious products. Our main focus is on the combination of plant-based ingredients and smart processes to create healthy, nutritious, and tasty products produced in a sustainable manner.

Plant-based products are generally more sustainable than animal-based ones, but their nutritional levels are lagging behind. Also for optimal functionality, they often require undesired ingredients such as stabilisers and artificial flavors.

That is what our concepts and ingredients change. We work on clean-label solutions with excellent functionality, the most sustainable raw materials and processes with minimum carbon footprint, and high nutrition. Having that modern mindset, we offer our customers three different services:



products and ingredients



Finished concepts ready for licencing include among others nutritious plant-based beverages on basis of whole-grain cereals and plant proteins, available in plain and naturally fruit flavored types. Recipes can be adapted to the customer's needs.


Semi-finished products and ingredients for the food and bererage industries include among others an instant oat drink powder, soluble plant protein with optimized amino acid balance and a plant protein-based umami flavor enhancer.


With some of the best food scientists in house and an excellent network of partners having all the facilities and expertises that we are not experts in ourselves, we can offer everything from technical advice to pulling an innovation project with and for you.

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High protein Brannatura Field Softura
Sugar reduced juice Follow on formula powder Consultancy Side-stream valorization Brannatura
Umatura Grains Pregnancy formula powder Products and ingredients Flavored beverage Solutura
Flavored beverage powder Brannatura Yoghurt Rapeseed


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For and together with our customers, we work on the best possible food and ingredient solutions; clean label and based on the goodness of nature, naturally nutritious, sustainable with minimal climate impact and with good taste.

Browse through the available product concepts, products and ingredients, and where we can help making the best solution for you. Or contact us though the information below to get to know more.