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Having some of the brigtest minds in house when it comes to development of new plant-based products, but also with a good background in innovation in the dairy and fish industries, we can offer the development of new or improved products for you and with you. With our own scientists and with our network providing all the technical knowledge and facilities that we do not have in house ourselves, we are capable of providing our customers the following services within the food area:

  • Providing technical advice (consultancy), for example on the best way to design a product or develop a process.
  • Creating a technical building block for an existing project, for example by looking at a product's microbial safety and shelf-life, or plan and execute a few steps in the innovation process that the customer cannot do itself.
  • Pulling a complete innovation project from A to Ø, including project design, supervising execution and hand-over to the customer in an understandable manner.

Our well-valued network of collaborators, food scientists and specialists is from among others Wageningen University, Copenhagen University, the Danish Technological Institute and the German Institute of Food Technologies. In addition, we know the landscape of ingredient producers and their products, so that we are always on top of new solutions developed elsewhere.

Our key expertises are:

  • Microbiology: fermentation, microbial cultures, pro- and prebiotics (in product and in intestine) as well as the microbial shelf-life of food products and how to improve microorganism-mediated production processes.
  • Enzymology: how enzymes work on food substrates and how they function optimally to perform desired reactions, in combination with processing technologies and microorganisms.
  • Processing technologies: this includes alternative technologies to pasteurisation, technologies for sugar reduction and texture improvement as well as technologies for processing ingredients such as making them better soluble.
  • Creative solutions: combining different expertise areas, out-of-the-box thinking, novel ingredient applications and valorizing side-streams.
  • Project management: driving innovation projects from A to Ø, from project plan to final result together with our customers and additional partners.
  • IP: freedom-to-operate and patentability assessments.
  • Writing grants: public reseach and development funds.

See also our overview of cases for further inspiration.


For us it is not important whether we develop a completely new product, improve an existing one, or modify one of our existing products and ingredient solutions for you, what matters is that we make a positive impact with and for our customers. We value quality, honesty and trust highly and for that reason we work with the highest quality standards and under confidentiality.

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Phone: +45 20 63 33 60
Email: info(at)brannatura(dot)com
Post address: Nygaardsvej 100, DK-8660 Skanderborg
Office: Lysholt Allé 3, DK-7100 Vejle
CVR/VAT: DK - 38 63 55 73
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