Who we are
We are a team of food enthusiasts with backgrounds in food science and communication. We believe in a world in which the easy food choice is also the good choice - healthy for the consumer and healthy for the planet. Sustainability is our standard and we want to provide our customers with solutions for healthy alternatives for the unsustainable and/or not nutritious products that currently dominate the market. To realise this dream, we started Brannatura.

With a strong knowledge base and a broad network, we develop primarily plant-based products and ingredients high in nutrition and with minimal environmental impact. Herewith, we also support some of the sustainable development goals as set by the United Nations in 2015.

Our vision and mission
Our vision is creating inspiring future food innovations from pure mother nature, and our mission is to offer customers healthy and tasty product solutions, in a natural and sustainable manner.

The mission explained
With the human population rising and poverty decreasing around the planet, there is an ever increasing pressure on food supply, which, as per today, already is beyond the limits of what the planet sustainably could provide. The result is deforestation, empty oceans, greenhouse gas emissions and detoriation of otherwise good farmable land. At the same time, we see large groups of consumers choosing simple and tasty meals without considering that these are not always the healthiest, nutritionally sound and sustainable options.

To release pressure on food supply on one hand and to provide healthy and sustainable options while also keeping convenience and taste in mind, we started Brannatura. With our deep knowledge of food production, product development and combining the right ingredients for maximizing nutrition and minimizing environmental impact, we hope to do our part in sustainable development.

Waste less food: we make it possible to use agrifood by-products as nutritious ingredients.
        We are a mixed team with various backgrounds and we have a female CEO. We do not care about one’s gender, color or background.
    We say yes to good taste and good nutrition, and no to excess of fat and sugar, and additives.  
We go all in for sustainable packaging and responsible production.
  We create products with nutrition like in animal-based products, but in organic plant-based products with minimal climate impact.   With some of our activities we actively support reforestation as means of compensating our already small carbon footprints.    

Minimal impact and maximal honesty
Setting the environmental impact goals for many of our product and ingredient solutions at zero-waste and carbon-neutral was a bold decision that meant that we had to look into circular business models and valorization of agrifood by-products. To this purpose, we developed a technology that allows production of highly nutritious cereal-based beverages and concentrates that are waste-negative and have very low environmental impact (details). In the meantime, we have become experts in by-product valorization and this knowledge we want to share with our customers.

Honesty and equality are important values to us and therefore we have a mixed team in terms of genders and backgrounds, but all having the above mentioned vision and mission in mind. Leading the positive change by example, we call that.

We are not alone
We have been granted several private and public funds and incubation programs supporting the bringing of sustainable nutrition to the world. Moreover, we have become member of several clusters and movements to further connect with other players in the field and to facilitate turning our dreams into reality.

Food and Bio Cluster Denmark
Proveg Incubator
Food Innovation House
The Protein Directory
Future Food Innovation
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Erhvershus Sydjylland
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